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Oval Ruby Leverback Earrings with Mehndi Accent - Blaise

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Bright crimson red lab-created rubies in an oval cut sway from sterling silver leverback earrings.  The ruby earrings have been accented with a petite mehndi symbol, which accents the red stones and adds a bit of interest.  Ruby is the July birthstone, and these earrings would be a striking gift for someone special.

Blaise is bold and daring.  She combines elements in a unique manner and likes the unusual.

Materials and details:

    The lab created rubies are 7x5mm oval cut stones.

    The earrings are a total length of 1.25" long (3.2 cm), with the dangle portion measuring about .75" (1.9 cm).

    All materials used to create the earrings are 925 sterling silver.

    Lab created stones are chemically, physically and optically identical to those mined underground. However, they have fewer flaws, and create a lighter carbon footprint.

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